Custom Glitter Printed T Shirts


Glitter and Sparkly t shirt vinyls are nothing new and have been available for several years.  Our experience has been whilst they may initially look impressive they have always been poor in comparision to standard colours particulary in terms of feel and durability.

In fact, so unimpressed by all of the sparkle and glitter products we trialled, we made a decision not to offer custom glitter or sparkly t shirts, as we didn’t want our customers to be disappointed either.  

All that Sparkles Isn’t Gold

We’re delighted to report that we have recently been trialling a brand new glitter t shirt print and the results have blown us away.  At long last we are now happy to offer custom glitter and sparkle t shirt printing, that not only looks amazing, has great durability to match and it’s available in a fantastic selection of colours. 

Not only can we offer glitter printed t shirts we can also print custom glitter sparkly hoodies and hundreds of other products, recently we printed some sparkly glitter personalised bags for a dance troupe that looked amazing too.  


Custom Sparkly T Shirt Printing

Sparkly and glitter printed t shirts are perfect for Hen Party t shirts to add that bit of glitz to your Hen do, glitter printing can also be used to add a bit a sparkle to dance school clothing or simply to just to add some sparkly eye catching detail to a t shirt print.   Custom glitter printing is perfect for uniforms for beauticians, nail salons and hairdressers or any business who wants to add some sparkly glamour.  Why not contact us here at Stoke T Shirt Printers and see how custom sparkly print can work for your needs.