About Embroidery

Embroidery is an increasingly popular way of branding clothing and in particular workwear and uniforms. 

Professionally embroidered workwear and clothing is done on  industrial multi-head embroidery machines.  The multiple heads enable more than one item to be embroidered at one time, increasing efficiency and allowing bulk orders to be produced in a timely fashion.  Like most things, some embroidery machines are better than others, the very best have more threads (colours available) and can consistantly stitch out extremely intricate designs with ease.  

Multiple head embroidery machines enable more than one item to be embroidered at once, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for bulk orders.

Why Choose Embroidery

For workwear, embroidery is arguably considered the most professional looking and the most durable option, it’s also perfect for branding items like fleeces and knitwear that can’t be printed.  Embroidered workwear is ideal for harsh working enviroments where garments need to be laundered at a higher temperature as it’s able to withstand extreme washing and tumble drying. It’s not just clothing that can be embroidered, bags, promotional products, patches and badges can all be branded with bespoke embroidery.


Digitising and Embroidery set up costs

When it comes to embroidering a logo, even the very best embroidery machines available wont make a good job if the embroidered design isn’t done correctly.  The process of converting a logo to an embroidery format is highly skilled and takes years to learn, done correctly the digitiser will take into account the type of garments to be digitised, weight of thread, number of stitches, backing, colours changes as well as lots of other factors that will all affect the final embroidered design.  Whilst software exists to automatically digitise designs, the results are substandard and poor compared to a professionally digitised design done by a digitising expert.  Here at Abalone Graphics we aren’t professional digitisers and don’t profess to be, we only use professional digitisers and this we charge at cost to our clients or for bulk jobs we absorb ourselves.  The typical price for a standard logo to be digitised is £15 which is incredible good value given the work involved.  Additionally we’ve paid a premium for the industries best embroidery machine so it would make no sense to use it for anything less than great embroidery.

Embroidery Threads

The best professional embroidery machines have more threads, which means more colours can be used in the embroidery designs. 

Embroidered Workwear

Embroidered workwear is professional, hardwearing and suitable for even the harshest work enviroments.

Digitising a Design

Digitising is a critical element for embroidery, an embroidered design will stitch out as good as the digitising dictates.

When it comes to Embroidery…

You can rest assured that when you choose us for embroidery, we only use the absolute best professionals to produce your design and we have leading embroidery machines in the industry.  For your reassurance we always produce an embroidered swatch of your logo for approval before we embroider your actual order only using the finest, hardwearing colourfast threads.  All our embroidery is produced in-house by our trained embroidery experts and we’re always happy to with any queries or concerns you have.  If you would like any more information on embroidery please don’t hesitate to contact us, either by phone, email or using the contact form below.

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